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Your Expert Safe Patient Handling Partner

CVI Medical of Florida started in 2007, serving the general home medical equipment market.  We gravitated to catastrophic cases, where our customer base was quadriplegic, paraplegic, CP, ALS, MS, MD, TBI. 


We quickly realized that many of them needed a better solution to address their transfer needs.  Over time, our focus became lift and transfer systems.  We have been certified by multiple manufacturers to install their equipment.  Once we proved the quality of our work, manufacturers invited us to participate in their more complex institutional settings.


In the past 10 years, we have installed over 1,000 systems in countless private homes, VA facilities, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, mortuary, pools and even an equestrian riding program for handicapped children and adults.


Our customer list includes: Tampa General Hospital, VA Hospitals in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach, San Juan PR, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Fyzical Therapy Centers, Healthsouth, Cleveland Clinic-Weston, FL.

Our solutions are custom designed for the end-user and care-givers alike.  We have developed the skill sets needed to employ various components for a workable, economical solution to your patient handling needs.

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