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Ship your hoist to us for repair

CVI Medical of Florida offers a repair service for the Guldmann GH2.  Since replacement parts are no longer available from the manufacturer, we must resort to repairing this equipment with used parts.  


All used components are tested and warrantied.  


You ship us your hoist.  We examine it for failed parts.  We replace those parts and then ship it back to you.  The price of this service depends on the parts that need to be replaced.   

Generally, a repair such as this will run from a few hundred dollars to about $700.00, plus freight/tax.  

  • Initial examine - $95.00

  • Replacement strap - $125.00

  • Hand control - $250.00

  • Circuit board - $400.00

  • Batteries - $75.00/set of 2

GH2 Repair Services: Text
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