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Purchase used replacment parts and install them yourself

While this isn't an option for most, if you find that you need replacement parts, CVI Medical is here to help.  While supplies last, we will offer to ship you the parts you need.  

Be careful in choosing this option.  Many issues that appear with these hoists, could have 2 or 3 sources.  Such as, a hoist strap that moves up and down only a few inches at a time, could be a weak set of batteries.... or a bad hand control....or a bad circuit board. 


Without a protocal to diagnois the source, you may waste money on parts you don't need and still not have  a functioning unit.  

Understandibly, parts sold on this plan are tested for function before shipping.  All sales are final.  There are no refunds or exchanges.

  • Replacement strap - $100.00

  • Hand control - No longer available

  • Circuit board - $250.00

  • Batteries - $75.00/set of 2

  • Other parts quoted per request

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