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Every situation deserves an optimal solution

This page is intended to display the various options that are available to those that require medical lift and transfer equipment.  By no means is it an exhaustive review of every solution.  It's meant to hit the major components and common solutions, found in most situation.  If you have a specific requirement, please contact us for a phone consultation.  We welcome and invite your inquirer even if we aren't going to do business.  This is what I enjoy, and I know my skills can help others.

Single Rail






Bed to wheelchair or shower chair.  Point to point transfers.  Starting at $4,000, not including installation. Slings not included.

Room Covering

This is a great solution where a medium to large area of coverage is needed. Anywhere within the foot print of the system can be accessed. Allows the user to move left/right, front/back, up/down. True 3D movement.

Cover up to 16' x 16' starting at about $8,000.  Installation quoted separately.

Room-to-Room Connecting

Move from bedroom to bathroom, shower, toilet. Anywhere you need to go.  These systems are highly customized and can't be quoted except via an on-site evaluation. These systems commonly go to $20,000 or higher.

Gait Training

Secured gait training can be useful for those that need balance or recuperative therapy.

Gait Training Harness_edited.jpg
Wall Stud Solution

The use of wall studs is a great solution where access to attachment points from above or the structure can not support the load.

With wall studs, the load is transfered to the floor via an engineered aluminum product.

Wall Rails

Wall rails are a great solution where room coverage is needed but access to attachments is limited i.e. condos, vaulted ceilings or finished drywall.

These systems are limited to uses up to but not greater than 550 lbs.

Pool Lifts

Pool lifts are a great solution for therapy and exercise when weight bering is limited. Different clients will need different features.  The construction of the pool deck plays a big part in how the lift is attached and teh expense involved.

Call for more details.

These lifts start at $3,200 plus installation.

Aqua Creek Ranger.jpg
Vaulted Ceilings

Non-flat ceilings pose a unique challenge for the installation of ceiling lifts.  Special brackets and hybrid methods may need to be used.

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