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No medical lift project is complete without multiple disciplines coming together to find the optimal solution. A successful project must be well designed, managed, installed and then maintained.  We can perform all of these functions as a standalone source or partnering with architects and general contractors.

Design Services

Optimize your patient lift system to gain the most value for the budget.

Project Management

You need lift systems, but you don't know anything about their capacity, capabilities or if the installation is being done correctly.  Save yourself headaches. Hire an expert to oversee this phase of the plan.

    Annual Certification

Few institutions are aware that these systems should have a through annual inspection, including load-testing.   This can be a real challenge in an operating facility.  CVI Medical of Florida can work with your floor-level staff to minimize the disruption to your patients and clients.

       Lift System Installation

Lift systems are quite complex and require an exceptional level of preciscion to install, so that they work without effort.  A poorly installed system may be dangerous to staff and patients or it may not function at all.  CVI Medical of Florida uses state-of-the-art laser measurement tools, to insure highest level of precision.

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